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Winterizing Your Camper


Winterizing your Camper can be a simple process, if you just follow the steps below.  There are three ways to winterize your rig.   




1.  Drain fresh water tank.

2.  Drain hot water heater.

3.  Dump and flush both black and gray water holding tanks, leave gray water valve open.

4.  Screw compressed air adapter into the fresh water inlet.  The Adapter is available from most RV dealers.

5.  Apply compressed air, keeping the pressure less than 20 lbs/sq inch.

6.  Open each faucet, one valve at a time, allowing the compressed air to force the water out of the line,.  Don't forget the shower and toilet.

7.  Remove the drain plug from the hot water tank and allow the compressed air to blow out the remaining water.  Reinstall drain plug. 

8.  Remove the compressed air source and adapter.

9.  Close the water heater by-pass valve.  (see special water heater note below)

10. Remove the water line that runs between the fresh water pump and the fresh water tank where it joins the fresh water tank.

11. Insert the end of the line into a gallon jug of RV antifreeze.  (never use automotive antifreeze)

12. Start the fresh water pump.  It will run for a few moments, sucking antifreeze from the just.  It will stop as pressure in the system builds up. 

13. Open each valve of each faucet, one at a time, until the red antifreeze appears, shut the faucet.  Don't forget the shower and toilet.

14. Remove the line from the jug of antifreeze and reattach it to the fresh water tank.


HINT: For a few dollars you can buy and install an adapter that will eliminate removing and reinstalling the fresh water line.  It is a small three way valve that goes in the fresh water line.  It is a small three way valve that goes in the fresh water line, between the fresh water tank and the pump.  You can easily pump antifreeze throughout the system by inserting the tube attached to the valve into a gallon of antifreeze, turning the valve and starting the pump.  Simply turn the valve back to its original position and you are done.


15. Shut the gray water valve.

16. Pour a few cups of antifreeze down each drain and the toilet.

17. Your done.


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