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Isett Heritage Museum is one of the most unique museums in Pennsylvania.  The museum is not on a major highway. It can be found about two miles east of Huntingdon Borough, located on Stone Creek Ridge Road. The ridge road has a spectacular aerial view of numerous surrounding mountains and ridges overlooking approximately twenty miles.  The museum buildings are nestled on beautiful fields surrounded by numerous flower beds and fruit trees, a perfect setting for Mr. Isett’s dream come true.  Mr. Melvin Isett, born in Huntingdon County in 1922, spent his entire lifetime collecting antiques and memorabilia with a dream to open a museum.  In 2001, shortly after Mr. Isett’s retirement, his private collection was opened to the public in a renovated barn on the property. In 2004 the museum expanded to include a ten thousand square foot building, and once again in 2008 another ten thousand square foot building was added. The buildings are home to a collection of over forty thousand items from Mr. Isett, his family and donations. During business hours the Lodge is open to the public to meet and socialize with Mr. Isett.  After visiting Mr. Isett, we hope you will take the time to browse through the Gift Shop. Click here for full Site.

Isett Aerial View.png
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